Casewise is proud of the established and fruitful association with the TM Forum. We serve as the official custodian of the eTOM model, which is updated on a regular basis by the Casewise Telecoms Team using our highly productive Casewise Modeler Suite. This pre-built framework gives you a “jump-start” to employ the best practices developed over the years by your colleagues in the TM Forum.

So how can Frameworx help you?

Frameworx provides the industry with a common structure for defining and sharing business processes. It represents the amalgamation of years of process evaluation and refinement.

We are all seeing Service Providers facing heightened competition, growing customer expectations, falling market share, increased price pressures and greater contention for capital. This drives the critical need to employ robust business processes that provide agility and quality to deliver convergent services in a competitive environment.

How do I put Frameworx into practice?

In addition to capturing the full eTOM framework, Casewise also delivers Frameworx “scenarios” that take an end-to-end approach to familiar business challenges such as Jeopardy Management, Service Delivery and Customer Experience. This provides you with a business-driven approach to managing enterprises and delivering a fully rounded understanding of your customers. Through this focus, clients achieve:

  • Visible performance and cost improvements
  • Modeling that makes sense to the business as a whole
  • Clear communication of business goals and objectives
  • Adaptation of “generic” models to unique organisational needs
  • Operational transparency on which informed decisions can be made by key business stakeholders
  • Feel free to see how your organisation could benefit from this approach by conducting your own Frameworx Health Check. Click here

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