Whitepaper thumb nail_MadnessWhitepaper: Method Not Madness 

This paper examines the critical success factors in any business change program, and shows how the combination of people, process and tools can elevate process analysis and modeling into a change management program delivering lasting success.


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Business Process Solutions

Cumbersome processes and inefficient teams put your organization’s success at risk. We help COOs and operations teams document, publish and collaborate on business processes, streamlining their procedures and building the operational plans to support full business transformation and regulatory compliance.

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Enterprise Insight

Our solutions let you see underneath your organization’s hood to understand the full complexity of your operations. Document your business capabilities, interconnections and interdependencies, and achieve a true 360-degree view of your Enterprise Architecture aligned with your strategic plan.

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IT Transformation

Today’s digital economy puts “the business of IT” at the center of every organization. We provide IT leadership with a comprehensive view of the business’s IT capabilities and assets. This supplies them with the information they require to rationalize, consolidate and modernize their organization’s technology.

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Strategy. Performance. Success.

Casewise® drives complex business transformation projects to keep companies competitive, compliant, and profitable. Our business process modeling and Enterprise Architecture solutions give leadership the technological and operational insight to make important decisions based on facts, not assumptions.

Latest News

CAST & Casewise Partnership
10 May 2016

Casewise Partners with CAST Highlight to Bring Objective Metrics to Enterprise Architecture

New York – May 9, 2016 – Casewise, a recognized leader in Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis, and CAST, a world leader in software analysis and measurement, today announced

NY CIO_Dinner
5 April 2016

Casewise Adds New York City to List of Successful CIO Dinner Activations

New York CIO Dinner Offers Platform for Leading C-Level Executives To Talk Through Innovation in the Face of Budget Pressure

3 March 2016

Integration in the Workflow Sphere

Within the workflow sphere, what does integration mean to you? Hear from Casewise CEO, Alexandre Wentzo and other executives on this topic.


  • RBS

    The Royal Bank of Scotland has created a suite of consistent and effective process documentation published over the Bank’s Intranet, covering 5,000 processes by way of 9,300 diagrams. The benefits of managing process documentation in this way has been recognized both internally and externally leading to the roll out of OPD documentation into other divisions of the Bank, the elimination of paper based manuals and recognition in numerous business competitions.

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  • Total

    As a result of implementing Casewise Modeler, the Total repository has been clearly improved in terms of readability (graphics), ease of use and coherence as information is now managed from a single point within the database.

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  • SSE

    The Casewise product suite has helped SSE standardise the methodology used to capture concise business process maps and definitions. This has reduced the acceptance review time and improved the quality, while also ensuring that the Business and IT leads are aligned to the same solution and anticipated programme delivery. SSE created and modeled nearly 2500 business process steps within Casewise Casewise Modeler, resulting in the efficient production by Communicator of over 80 business process definition documents.

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  • Natixis

    Casewise Modeler has been implemented to build an application map linked with the enterprise process and procedure map. The long term objective was to reduce the complexity of the information system, to be able to cope with the business needs for innovation, while keeping costs and operational risks under control.

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  • Manpower

    All of Manpower’s core business processes and procedures are now available for analysis via the web in all the European countries. This greatly accelerates the development of the common European application and eliminates the need for costly reworking. Casewise Modeler is also used to identify and share best practices at European level to maximize efficiency across, for example, sales processes.

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    Eurocontrol is the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation. With 36 Member States, the organization’s primary objective was the development of a seamless, Pan-European Air Traffic Management (ATM) system. Achieving this objective was key to the present and future challenges facing the aviation community, namely to cope with the expected growth in air traffic, while maintaining a high level of safety, reducing costs, and respecting the environment.

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  • Nationwide

    The Corporate Modeler Suite is providing many benefits to Nationwide, not least improving the understanding and communication of its key business processes. The high cost of current-state analysis has been reduced by sharing process information available in Corporate Exchange and it has been a key enabler in process improvement initiatives.

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