Casewise Webinar: A Journey of Process Improvement

Webinar presented by Angela Floyd, VP of Business Improvement, Balfour Beatty and James McPherson, Senior Architect, Balfour Beatty. 

During the webinar, Angela and James explain the ways in which their partnership with Casewise helped them to:

  • Improve process efficiency
  • Provide better value for customers
  • Better manage project risks
  • Reduce waste

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Business Process Solutions

Cumbersome processes and inefficient teams put your organization’s success at risk. We help COOs and operations teams document, publish and collaborate on business processes, streamlining their procedures and building the operational plans to support full business transformation and regulatory compliance.

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Enterprise Insight

Our solutions let you see underneath your organization’s hood to understand the full complexity of your operations. Document your business capabilities, interconnections and interdependencies, and achieve a true 360-degree view of your Enterprise Architecture aligned with your strategic plan.

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IT Transformation

Today’s digital economy puts “the business of IT” at the center of every organization. We provide IT leadership with a comprehensive view of the business’s IT capabilities and assets. This supplies them with the information they require to rationalize, consolidate and modernize their organization’s technology.

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Strategy. Performance. Success.

Casewise® drives complex business transformation projects to keep companies competitive, compliant, and profitable. Our business process modeling and Enterprise Architecture solutions give leadership the technological and operational insight to make important decisions based on facts, not assumptions.


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