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Undertaking an enterprise-level transformation while managing the challenges of day-to-day operations often leaves leadership teams overwhelmed. While the major questions may seem clear-cut, answering them requires digging through the layers of technology, data, processes, and people. Confidently resolving one major issue often requires asking and answering numerous supplemental questions in great detail.

Casewise strategic consultants engage at the outset of a business transformation project to ask and answer the right questions. Our experienced staff supports your efforts by identifying and cataloging underlying components, providing input to the project plan, and building the right systems to capture important data needed to meet the business’s transformation goals.

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Corporate mergers and acquisitions

“We strategically acquired three companies last year to support our business’s growth model, but now it’s time to combine our customer service operations. How do we understand where the redundancies are?”

By their nature, mergers and acquisitions create complexity. Normalizing business operations over your enhanced business landscape typically presents numerous unique challenges. Casewise’s experienced strategic consulting team supports you by cataloging and analyzing business capabilities, mapping underlying technology, and providing a clear understanding of how your organizational structure aligns with desired results.

Data center transformation

“We’re consolidating four major data centers into one. How can we make sure nothing gets lost in transition?”

Transformation happens in the data center on many levels. In some cases, simple consolidation efforts are needed to reign in the organic chaos that occurs naturally over time. In organizations that grow or shrink through mergers and acquisitions, data centers may become redundant or require optimization to operate efficiently. Outsource arrangements and cloud hosting environments may also require a deep transformation of your infrastructure and the way it is managed.

Whatever the reason, data center transformation introduces tremendous risk to your core business. We minimize that risk by leveraging our vast experience with past successful data center transformations as we help you assess, transition and validate your organizational data. Our primary objective: managing risk and maximizing the efficiency of your company’s information resources.

Financial optimization

“We need to reduce our IT CapEx spending by 20% this fiscal year. How do we achieve that goal without sacrifice delivery to our customers?”

Optimizing a company’s financial spend requires clear, consistent, current and – most importantly – correct information. It calls for a deep understanding of the interdependencies between technology, products and organizations. Casewise helps you apply systems thinking to build operational models that allow your team to optimize spend while maintaining delivery excellence.

Reduce risk by meeting compliance challenges

“This study shows that we can improve our clinical trial performance through critical documentation. Where do we start?”

Creating a culture of compliance reduces strategic and operational risk. That transformation begins with building a complete picture of the processes and supporting technology that powers your business. Understanding the complex social and technical interactions between your staff, as well as their external and customer communication is the key to the cultural shift. Our experienced consulting team brings the Casewise Suite and a deep understanding of systematic compliance engineering to help your organization achieve that goal.

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