The Casewise Suite and Casewise Modeler

The Casewise Suite and Casewise Modeler

Document the way your company works today so you can make better decisions about your company, tomorrow.

The Casewise Suite incorporating Casewise Modeler comprises a set of tools which provide insight, visibility and a common understanding of the reality of the business. It enables you to capture, document and architect your organization, and visualize the system interactions, business processes and organizational hierarchies needed to make objective, confident decisions.

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Casewise Modeler

Casewise Modeler collects and documents the way organizations work. From business processes to enterprise architecture to regulatory compliance, this world-class enterprise modeling solution helps teams visualize, analyze and optimize every aspect of even the most complex environments.

Modeler provides a detailed, multi-dimensional and accurate view. Its collaborative modeling process encourages all stakeholders to contribute to and learn from the informative, easy-to-use models that represent a true picture of the business. Casewise Modeler is highly configurable and customizable, and its graphical business representation facilitates and accelerates the decision-making and planning that leads to lasting and effective process improvements and organizational change.


What does Casewise Modeler do?

  • Captures an accurate picture of the business’s assets and processes
  • Identifies optimization opportunities
  • Creates risk-free simulations of potential change paths
  • Encourages data-driven decision-making
  • Promotes a culture of continuous improvement


modeler_Casewise Modeler links business modeling and IT modeling within one multi-user environment. Modeler is the engine that supports business process analysis and improvement; business process management; enterprise architecture; and governance, risk and compliance efforts. Its clear documentation gives consultants, analysts and IT professionals the insight they need to make informed and productive decisions for the business.

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