The Casewise Collaboration Platform

The Casewise Collaboration Platform

Engage the most important audience of all in your business transformation efforts: your employees

Organizations spend months collecting data and mapping processes to fill the enterprise repository. Enterprise architects and business process analysts understand what’s there and how it fits into the organization’s overall strategy, but that’s not enough. Organizations need both input and buy-in from the teams who live the processes daily and understand the effects significant changes might have on day-to-day operations.

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Casewise Evolve is a web-based social communication platform that sits on top of the Casewise Modeler Suite and enables teams across the enterprise to share data, collaborate, and communicate. Evolve uses the social media behavior employees understand to help the company collect the expertise and experience of individuals and teams throughout the organization.

For line-of-business management, Casewise Evolve provides dashboards and graphical representations to help teams uncover critical information and make informed decisions. Casewise Evolve helps the organization meet regulatory needs and understand, embrace and maintain Enterprise Architecture, business process improvement and IT transformation projects.

Evolve harnesses all the information in the Casewise Modeler repository and makes it available to employees and management based on defined roles and permissions. Each Evolve user sees a customized welcome menu that aligns with his or her interest areas, responsibilities and needs. With Evolve, every team member’s voice is heard, captured, and taken seriously. Employees see themselves as catalysts for rather than victims of organizational change – bottom-up support that’s crucial to the success of any enterprise transformation.

Casewise Evolve users can:

  • Comment on and make suggestions about business process optimization projects
  • Add notes to content in the repository for review and approval by designated managers
  • Respond to dynamic surveys
  • See only the information relevant to their roles
  • Access Evolve on tablets and smartphones

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