Re-live our ‘Secret to Transformation’ webinar

At the start of December, we were very pleased to welcome a number of delegates onto our online webinar entitled ‘The Secret to Driving Transformation’.

Hosted by Casewise senior consultants Pouya Mohtacham and Chris White the webinar was designed to show business leaders how the suite of tools which Casewise possess can help you through your own business transformation.

If you missed the webinar, you can now watch again on the video below.

Casewise run a series of webinars throughout the year as an opportunity to show both existing customers and those who might be thinking of working with us in the future what we do and demonstrate our products.

This most recent webinar covered four main points:

  • How you can model your processes in a simple and intuitive way
  • How you can develop an approach to make continuous improvements using collaborative tools
  • How you can ensure that the information is communicated throughout the business
  • How you can establish governance

If you did attend the webinar, we hope you found it to be useful and informative. By now having the video available you can share it across your business to build understanding at every level. Consultant Pouya Mohtacham said: “Involving the end users is really important. Most of the time, in our work, we talk to the senior people who are really interested in the approach and working with the tools but they have a lot of difficulty in bringing their end users inside the approach. So the idea here is to demonstrate how we will involve these people.”