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  • Whether you are a DoD Organization, Civilian Agency or Systems Integrator, Casewise understands your challenges.
  • Whether you are embarking on an architecture-driven business transformation initiative or simply trying to comply with a mandate, Casewise understands your goals.
  • Whether you are migrating your existing DoD architecture to DoDAF Version 2.0 or launching a new program, Casewise understands how to achieve success.

Casewise Modeler for DoDAF2

The most comprehensive solution to support DoDAF 2.0 and DM2 conformance

The Challenge

As a result of the release of DoDAF Version 2.0, DoD programs are presented new challenges:

Conformance to the DM2 – The DoDAF directive states very clearly that data in an architecture repository must conform to DM2. However, the DM2 is a significant shift in metamodel terminology and the way in which DoD architecture data is structured. A great deal of time and effort will be required to understand the DM2 and how to structure traditional DoDAF information.

Migration to DoDAF 2.0 Viewpoints and Models – DoDAF 2.0 introduces new and modified Viewpoints and Models, defined as “templates for collecting information”, which enable the capture of a broader set of information about the architecture. The challenge for the DoDAF architect is in understanding the new models and how to use them and, more importantly, how to leverage and integrate the new models defined in DoDAF 2.0 and continue the proven approaches of DoDAF 1.x.

Development of “Fit-for-Purpose” – The introduction of Fit-for-Purpose views provides the means to present architecture models to non-architects for decision support and analysis. However, little guidance or instruction has been provided on exactly what this means and how it should be implemented.

Conversion of Existing DoDAF 1.x Architectures – For almost a decade, significant time and money has gone into the development of DoD architectures following the C4ISR and DoDAF versions 1.0 and 1.5. As a result there are large architecture datasets that need to be converted to the new standard. This will be a major undertaking in many cases.

The Solution

Casewise Modeler for DoDAF 2.0 (CMD2) provides the first comprehensive software solution designed specifically to expedite the conversion to and compliance with DoDAF 2.0. CMD2 offers a rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities that will enable DoD programs and organizations to:

  • Conform to DM2
  • Convert DoDAF 1.x data to DoDAF 2.0
  • Develop and present Fit-for-Purpose Views
  • Leverage new and modified DoDAF 2.0 Viewpoints and Models

CMD2 will equip you with the solutions necessary for you to improve your operations and achieve your objectives.