Workforce Optimization

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Building on Casewise’s extensive expertise in the fields of Business Process and IT transformation, Casewise’s Workforce Optimization offering enables companies to empower line-of-business employees, partners, and customers with the power of modern digital technology.

A key challenge for companies across diverse verticals is effectively and efficiently supporting a distributed workforce with simple, mobile-centric technology that helps everyone from executives to the field workforce get their jobs done.

Some industries in particular, rely heavily on their field workforce. For example, most people in the hospitality industry, from waiters to maids to chefs to beverage managers, all work in the ‘field.’ Hospitals are also a familiar type of business where most workers are in the field, from physicians and nurses to equipment techs to maintenance staff. Meanwhile, in the utility and telecom industries, the field workforce is more distinct from the office workers who make up the bulk of their personnel. Nevertheless, these industries’ field workforce is every bit as critical as those in hospitality or healthcare, from high voltage line people to retail service people to the personnel in retail mobile phone stores.

To address the needs of clients with a large, distributed field workforce, Casewise has developed user-friendly mobile workforce management tool, TacTac to enhance operational excellence, improve adherence to company standards and to optimize business processes continuously.

Casewise Tactac transforms documented business processes into simple step-by-step checklists that show workers in every role what to do and how to do it. Flows are based on the most up to date information, accessible anywhere using smart technology so they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.

Meanwhile, Tactac’s social technology delivers an enhanced user experience which engages the workforce to share knowledge and improves customer service and consistency.

Benefits and features:

  • Upload existing processes, add images and create simple checklists
  • Remote workers access Tactac using smart technology and complete their tasks, recorded in real time with evidence, compliant with company standards and procedures
  • Workers give feedback and suggest improvements while on the job
  • Implement their improvements right away, offer personnel support and monitor progress
  • Collaborate with multi-level stakeholders to review recommendations
  • Update flows with improved processes and republish companywide in real-time
  • Real-time feedback from the field on what tasks have been completed
  • Track progress and monitor results
  • Inconsistencies and waste are easily identified

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