Training and Support


Technology works best when implemented by a team combining the optimum understanding of how it applies to the individual requirements. Casewise Academy provides a full array of enablement courses to ensure the Casewise solutions are used as effectively and efficiently as possible.

With courses ranging from practical business analysis and best practices all the way to advanced solution customization, Casewise Academy trainers provide clients, partners and independent consultants with a role-based enablement experience, complete with hands-on exercises and expertise, all culminating to a fully scalable certification program.

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Casewise Academy is different. Rather than providing solutions-only training, we have designed and customized all our training courses to address the various project roles within the organization. From business analysts and key stakeholders to the different roles within any project team all the way to system administrators and developers. Each course focuses on the necessary level of knowledge required to ensure project success:

Business Analyst Courses: customized to provide business analysts, project managers, key stakeholders and project sponsors with the concepts, fundamental understanding and vocabulary to correctly, efficiently and effectively guide the project team.

Best Practices Courses: taken from Casewise’s vast experience of successful implementation, these courses are customized to each customer requirements to avoid pitfalls, better project planning, implementation and ensure project success.

Project Team Courses: from end-user oriented videos and webinars to the more advanced designer and administrator focused courses and everything in between, Casewise Academy has a course to meet any requirement. Each course focuses on the right level of knowledge to the right audience in the most effective and efficient way. Courses cover the entire Casewise solutions ecosystem, including:

– Modeler Suite
– Evolve
– Communicator
– Synergy

Technical Courses: to ensure customers get the most of their solution deployment, Casewise provides highly advanced technical trainings, providing teams with the necessary knowledge and experience to further customize the Casewise solutions for an even better usability and experience.
Classroom or remote

Casewise Academy courses are offered in a mix of environments, from pre-recorded videos or webinars readily available to wider audiences, to trainer-driven single- and multi-day remote sessions and highly interactive, classroom-based sessions. This enables the audiences to benefit from the flexibility and effectiveness of the course delivery mechanisms.
Cloud-supported infrastructure

Casewise provides each trainee with a fully configured cloud environment, based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers. Trainees will be able to access the standardized environment from any location.
Installation and deployment support

Our expert services team supports the full spectrum of planning and implementation to deployment and maintenance. Our team can also construct interfaces with internal and external providers to allow access to data critical for analysis. Rounding out our initial support for your team’s success is our comprehensive training in tooling, methodology, and practice.
Configuration and optimization

While the Casewise Suite supports many industry standard frameworks out of the box, our experienced team of consultants helps your team understand what is “fit for purpose.” Working closely in conjunction with your team, our consultants tailor your implementation to support the specific data sets and analytics required for your business. Our teams help you develop and document repeatable processes to identify and update your configuration as analytic requirements grow and change over time.

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