Drive continuous operational improvement with our industry-leading business process management system

When it’s time to put the information stored in the Casewise Modeler repository into action, Casewise Synergy translates process maps and models into executable business processes the whole organization can use.

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Synergy is a business process management suite that lets businesses design, simulate, execute, monitor, and constantly improve business processes and organizational performance. It offers a robust platform to help users:

  • Develop forms
  • Configure email
  • Manage business rules
  • Interface with information systems

Developed specifically for business users as well as IT teams, Synergy uses step-by-step wizards instead of complicated code to create workflows. The tool makes it easy for enterprise architects, business analysts, process architects and project managers to alter or adapt workflows as the business changes.

Synergy delivers significant ROI by automating repetitive tasks; reducing cycle times; identifying risks and locating bottlenecks before they escalate; reducing headcount; and creating audit trails.

How is Synergy used within the organization?

  • Finance and purchasing: automate purchase requisitions, travel requests, expense reporting, budget and invoice approvals through to debt collection, billing and invoicing
  • Human resources and administration: training and vacation requests, recruitment, termination, employee reviews
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): new customer approvals, service call management, customer service

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