Share business architecture learnings with presentation-ready reports created in Microsoft Word

Why spend time and money documenting business processes if that information stays stuck in a vault? Casewise Communicator makes it easy for team members to turn all data in the Modeler repository into beautiful, meaningful reports suitable for both internal and external stakeholders.

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Why use Communicator?

  • Build manuals showing how the business runs, down to each individual process
  • Create business architecture visuals for internal or external reports
  • Share key learnings from business process modeling projects with team members, executives, outside advisors and consultants
  • Integrate business architecture documentation into existing report creation processes – Word’s familiar interface means less training and shorter ramp-up time

Business transformation projects often end up relegated to hidden corners of the organization, stuck in a silo within IT, disconnected from senior leadership and employees. The problem: Project leaders find it difficult to share the valuable data collected and presenting it in a comprehensible and meaningful format.

An essential tool in the Casewise Suite, Communicator integrates with Microsoft Word to help users create mission forms, training materials, user guides, product specifications, process manuals, architecture folders and more. Templates and drag-and-drop document structure let team members create single documents or document sets quickly and easily. Communicator reports can incorporate any process or item housed in the Modeler repository.

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