Automatically populates the Casewise Modeler database with essential information from systems around the organization

Organizations run dozens of different systems, all of which generate data that needs to be included in any enterprise architecture, process management or change management initiative.

Casewise Collector integrates with these systems and automatically feeds their data into the Modeler repository. By automating complex data aggregation, Collector uncovers strategic opportunities for improvement: Bringing together data from disparate systems identifies many business issues, heralds potential savings and adds real business value.

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Collector gathers information such as :

  • Process documentation
  • Organizational data (SAP, Oracle HR)
  • Location, application and technology information (HP uCMDB)
  • Project or program information (CA Clarity)
  • Business goals and objectives

Collector can interact either synchronously (in real time) or asynchronously (periodic updates) with the business’s CMDB, indicator and risk repositories. It pulls and pushes information, with data exports in formats such as BPEL, XPDL and XML.

Collector can also be used with AutoModeler a module of the Casewise Integrator product bundle. AutoModeler automatically generates diagrams from data imported into the Casewise Exchange. As Collector imports data into the central repository, AutoModeler creates a Process Dynamic Diagram complete with process descriptions and metrics.

Casewise Collector stores all the necessary settings to run automatically, including environment parameters, access control and profiling, job scheduling and rules for file handling. For security purposes, Collector performs all updating activities via batch using Casewise standard modules. Each update is preceded by data mapping, consistency checks and model backup. Collector maintains a user operation log, scheduled operation log and system log; these generate email notifications on the transformation process. The Model Administrator can interact with the tool during updates, checking data previews and if necessary discarding the updates.

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