Support complex corporate decisions with our sophisticated business intelligence tools

It’s not enough to own the information collected during business process modeling. Companies also need to be able to use that information for both corporate intelligence and what-if analysis.

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Casewise Analytics makes the data in the Modeler repository readily available to business intelligence tools for complex analysis. Analytics powers:

  • Dashboards – what is the big picture?
  • Crosstabs and pivots – how is the organizational structure supporting key business processes?
  • Drill down, up and through – how are our processes, organizations, locations and applications interrelated?
  • Data warehouses – how are we trending over time?

Casewise Analytics fuels advanced reports for operational teams; consolidates and cross-checks information in the Modeler repository; and measures the potential impact of tactical changes or strategic transformations.

For corporate intelligence, reports created with Analytics help to communicate status, progress, issues, corrective actions and impact of change – the important information teams need to make key decisions and advance corporate transformation.

What-if analysis looks at the impact of change on the organization. Who and what will be affected by transformation decisions? How will regulatory changes affect our processes? What will the financial impact be? How can we best use our resources to solve the problem at hand?

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