eTOM (Enhanced Telecom Operations Map)

The TeleManagement Forum's NGOSS (Next Generation Operations Systems and Software) Business Process Framework is represented by the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map®, also known as eTOM.

eTOM is the most widely used and accepted standard for business processes in the telecommunications industry. An ongoing initiative of the TeleManagement Forum, eTOM delivers a business process model/framework for use by service providers and others organizations within the telecommunications and related sectors industry. eTOM describes the full scope of business processes required by a service provider and defines key elements on how they interact creating a guidebook that has become the common business language for the telecommunications industry.

Casewise has a long and established association with the TeleManagement Forum, and serves as the official custodian of the eTOM model.  Developed by the TeleManagement Forum using Casewise’s highly regarded Corporate Modeler tool, the eTOM model serves as a blueprint for process direction and provides a neutral reference point for internal process reengineering needs, partnerships, alliances, and general working agreements with other telecommunication providers. By utilizing the model, telecom organizations can adopt the framework to model, analyze, integrate and streamline their own operations.

Corporate Modeler has been at the core of the eTOM team’s framework devel¬opment; the resulting model of which has been made available for use across a wide variety of operating environments. Through the implementation of Corporate Modeler, the eTOM team has been able to utilize the various publishing options the tool has to offer as well as being able to handle the expanding scope, detail and control.

Most recently, the eTOM work has examined interaction with other process-oriented frameworks such as ITIL, and there has been mutually beneficial interaction between Casewise and the TMF in developing a worked approach that shows how these can be complementary and compatible.

Casewise has visualized all the requirements of eTOM, all of which can be used throughout the Corporate Modeler toolset.  All the requirements and can be easily customized to your organizational environment, and because of our extensibility, users are free to add their own audit question and controls and cross reference them with the modeled requirements, enterprise owned processes or by using the pre defined ITIL process model and obtain the cross references straight ‘out of the box’.

As part of the Casewise tool set, users can also schedule audit questions and controls in order to perform internal checks/audits, or to perform simple assessments. Based on this data, users can communicate the results via the Casewise Portal using dashboard or list views.