Working with Casewise: The Five Step Engagement Model

Casewise brings years of successful client experience and deep industry knowledge to every project.

We work in tandem with you to build a culture of positive execution. We help identify projects, organize and enable your teams, and deliver meaningful metrics to evaluate success – and then deliver world-class product installation, configuration and support to ensure you have a solid foundation for the future.

Our work is based on our tried-and-tested five-step engagement model to ensure the best possible outcome every time. We help develop your team’s ability to execute projects based on our methodology through a clearly defined knowledge- transfer program of training, workshops and direct hands-on mentoring.

Our structured methods help your team execute effectively. The Casewise five step approach is:

1. Assessment
2. Logical design
3. Prototyping
4. Piloting
5. Industrializing high-value projects


Casewise professional services teams have worked on projects ranging from basic administration of application portfolios to the management of corporate strategic performance. Rather than assuming that one size fits all, we assess each client’s requirements and tailor the proposed program to fit their unique needs.

Casewise professionals work with clients at a number of levels, including:

• Training, mentoring and facilitated workshops: our experts can fully support on site or virtual knowledge transfer to ensure continuous, long-term results.

• Architecture planning: we work with your team to plan and design an actionable, agile, scalable and sustainable architecture for your organization.

• Framework configuration: we help your team select and tailor the most appropriate industry framework for your practice.

• Metamodel design: our world-class consultants construct a strong analytic foundation for your team’s modeling effort.

• Implementation rollout: our consultants, support specialists and developers can manage all aspects of your practice implementation.

• Data capture: we help your team import data synchronously or asynchronously, and from any relevant source.

• Hands-on modeling: our team can support any proposed programs to assess scope, and create an initial trial to form the basis of your practice.