Case Study: Nationwide

Company Profile

As a mutual organisation, Nationwide is owned by and run for its members. It is the UK’s fourth largest mortgage lender and second largest savings provider. With assets of over 120 billion and 11 million members, Nationwide is the world’s largest building society.


  • Improved understanding of business processes
  • The formation of process modeling standards


  • To standardize process mapping conventions
  • Capture all process and store in a central location
  • Improved understanding and communication of business processes

There has always been an enormous appetite for improvement in Nationwide, but with a differing understanding of processes, no process modelling standards, use of many different tools and little sharing of information, this improvement activity needed much better management.

Since adopting Casewise Modeler, Nationwide have been able to improve the understanding and communication of its key business processes. Nationwide is using Casewise Modeler to support the organisation’s drive for improved efficiency. A rich source of process knowledge is being captured to support new business designs, systems development and process improvement initiatives.

Casewise Modeler has been used to standardise process mapping conventions and capture all process related information in one place. Information on over 400 highlevel operational processes can now be made available to a wide audience through Corporate Publisher. Casewise Modeler’s simulation modelling capability has been used to validate and demonstrate new business designs in a way that engages project sponsors, builds a business case and improves change management. All this was supported by the development of in-house training and the introduction of a model management governance structure.

The Casewise Modeler Suite is providing many benefits to Nationwide, not least improving the understanding and communication of its key business processes. The high cost of current-state analysis has been reduced by sharing process information available in Corporate Exchange and it has been a key enabler in process improvement initiatives. Work is now in progress to migrate to the new CM version 10.3 to take advantage of the improved user interface and the SQL based architecture.

Why Casewise?
The ability to customise Casewise Modeler to meet everyone’s requirements has helped enormously in its adoption by the business. This customisation will continue as its use widens in Nationwide.