Case Study: Manpower EMEA


  • Develop a common, single application to map and support IT systems across multiple locations


  • To analyse core business processes and procedures viathe web
  • Identify and share best practices for European operational activities

Company Profile

Manpower, the leading private employment agency, has established its EMEA IT headquarters in Brussels. Each year Manpower EMEA manages more than 186 millions hours of employment for over 600.000 temporary workers across Europe.

Casewise greatly accelerates the development of the common European application, eliminating the need for costly reworking Casewise  Modeler supports a Manpower project to build a single front-office application for all EMEA countries. The tool enables teams to capture the legal and cultural differences between processes across different countries, identify best practices and then define and communicate clear system requirements.

Although Manpower’s basic functions are essentially the same across the whole of Europe, each country has developed its own IT system to support operations. With rapid expansion, the launch of new business services and the acquisition of new brands, these IT systems needed to be radically overhauled to keep pace. Rather than develop separate systems for each country, Manpower realized it would be cheaper, faster and more effective to develop a new common application to support all the business activities across Europe. This was a major challenge due to the sheer number of legal and cultural requirements that had to be considered. Moreover, the level of sophistication of Manpower’s services is not standard throughout European countries.

Rather than focus purely on IT, Manpower decided to look at the business first. A project team was assembled with the task of unifying their business processes Professional across Europe. After an extensive evaluation of tools , the team selected The Casewise Casewise Modeler Suite to support them in this task.

Project team members were chosen from the major European Manpower operations. Using Casewise Modeler, business practices were captured and commonalities were identified between countries. Corporate Exchange enabled these processes to be reused across different areas of the model, particularly across different brands. As new best practices were identified, existing processes could be instantly updated across the models Corporate Publisher HTML was used to communicate process designs across Manpower sites in different countries to gain feedback.

All of Manpower’s core business processes and procedures are now available for analysis via the web in all the European countries. This greatly accelerates the development of the common European application and eliminates the need for costly reworking. Casewise Modeler is also used to identify and share best practices at European level to maximize efficiency across, for example, sales processes.