Business process is the backbone of a business. It enables you to:

  • Describe and structure how your organisation gets things done
  • Define how you implement your strategies and achieve your goals
  • Implement mechanisms for you to enforce your company policies and mitigate risk
  • Identify which roles and skills support which process activities
  • Govern the system requirements that support your process flows
  • Define and populate the reports that show performance against objectives and key measures
  • Express how internal and external interfaces communicate with one another.

Business processes are how the organisation gets things done.

Explicitly or implicitly, all organisations use business process. There is tremendous leverage to be gained by focusing on how these processes work and can be improved. Sharing this knowledge removes the risk of relying on a few people “in the know” and enables teams to collaborate productively.

For example, Service Providers and their suppliers can work together to understand the current state of business activities, identify improvements, and define new ways to streamline how their businesses interact.