VIDEO: Watch Casewise present TacTac at HX Event

Earlier this month, Casewise was delighted to take part in a special event at the Hotel Experience (HX) Event in New York.

Along with a number of other companies we were invited to give a three-minute presentation to an audience of hospitality professionals to showcase an IT solution which can assist them in their work.

Casewise Marketing Manager Devora Rogers gave the presentation, which you can see below via the HX Event Facebook page. Her presentation focussed upon our solution, TacTac: “We were talking to people across the hospitality industry who work as General Managers, in food service, hospitality, housekeeping, front of house and there was a lot of receptivity.

“There was a lot of agreement that there is a gap in the hospitality industry around effective communication between staff. While there are a lot of legacy applications that have certainly improved the way in which hospitality operates, by and large the rank and file do not have or are not connected via digital means to any application. There was a lot of interest in TacTac’s approach.”

TacTac allows you to transform business processes into simple checklists every worker can follow increasing business efficiency and adherence to companywide standards – essential in the hospitality industry where business owners strive for every guest or customer to get the highest standard of service.

TacTac is a user-friendly mobile workforce management tool that provides process diagrams transformed into operational checklists, multi-level feedback loops and real-time reporting and tracking. For those within the hospitality industry use of TacTac could enable an analytical understanding around many aspects including customer satisfaction and individual staff performance.

Devora continues: “This solution is unique for the hospitality industry because of the complexity of the work they do, the way we will solve those problems for the hospitality industry is different and that is why I think TacTac was so well-received.

“Progressive operatives recognise that having the data available to them will only improve the work they do. Each hotel will have to decide for themselves exactly how they want to implement TacTac, whether they want to customise it for their branch standards or have a focus on guest preferences but that’s the whole point and that was what was well received. TacTac has been created in a way that makes it very flexible and very configurable which is in line with the rest of Casewise’s applications. People choose our solutions because they are really flexible and a lot of companies need that level of flexibility for it to work for them.”

Casewise has extensive experience working with multiple industry sectors and implementing TacTac as a solution which works specific to their business needs. Devora concludes: “TacTac is a new and recent solution for Casewise in that you are going from not just modelling and visualising a company’s assets and helping them improve their process but actually turning a company’s process into a simple easy to follow checklist. What it does is translate standard operating procedure into an easy to use mobile first interface. This is a natural extension of the work we have been doing for a long time. It puts that process and power into the palm of the hand of the people who are actually executing the work.”

You can watch the whole of our presentation to the HX Event here: