The Journey of Transformation Seminar, November 19, 2015 | London, UK

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At this seminar, business transformation seminar at the prestigious Royal Institution in London, you will learn how to:

■ Transform your process and architecture document management (Visio, Word, Excel) from a cost into an asset, and deliver a repository of easily accessed information.
■ Enhance the value of that asset by enabling your people to collaborate on the content.
■ Use the “clinical” data to prioritise change requirements, drive change programs and quickly realise tangible results.
■ Configure the repository to implement quality standards, and operational risk and audit controls.

Our guest industry speaker, Nick De Voil, is representing the International Institute of Business Analysis – IIBAHe is a Certified Management Consultant and a full Member of the Institute of Consulting.

Enterprise Design with a Wide Lens
The prevailing culture of digital transformation programmes is often strongly biased towards fast results and agile methods. Delivery of early benefits generates momentum, but the chances of sustainable change are increased by building and leveraging a solid repository of analysis artefacts. Nick will explain why.

Our guest partner speaker, Sunny Vara, is a principal consultant from the company Gemserv, which specialises in the implementation of transformational national schemes.

Business Transformation Across Deregulated Industries – Managing a Complex Stakeholder Environment

“Gemserv was established in 2002 from a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that had been set up to support the opening of the electricity market for competition in 1998. Our origins lie in administering the Master Registration Agreement (MRA), an Agreement that outlines the procedures in relation to Change of Supplier; and our vision remains about ensuring complex markets work effectively, securely and with integrity – for everyone’s benefit.

The journey to successfully create deregulated markets and provide operational continuity for critical national infrastructure is an exciting story of transformational change in a complex stakeholder environment.”

Wherever your organisation is on the transformation maturity curve, we are sure there will be information of interest to you.

Prior to the event, you are welcome to join us for a guided tour of the Royal Institution which will take place at 12:45. Following the presentations, there will be an opportunity to network over drinks and canapés.

Spaces at the event are limited, so register soon.

The Royal Institution of Great Britain
21 Albemarle St, London W1S 4BS

Thursday 19th November 2015
12:30 until 16:00, followed by drinks and networking.

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