TacTac Whitepaper

6th April 2016

Supporting the Modern Field Workforce in the Era of Digital Transformation

Authored by: Jason Bloomberg – President, Intellyx

Enterprise information technology has long been the domain of the IT organization, responsible for managing and maintaining complex, heterogeneous applications and supporting infrastructure. Everyone outside IT had to jump through several hoops to get access to those capabilities needed to do their jobs.

No longer. Digital transformation is shifting the power and responsibility away from traditional IT organizations – to line-of business employees, partners, and customers. No longer must people be sophisticated, experienced technology professionals to access and leverage the power of modern digital technology.

This democratization of technology is rapidly defining the user experience in companies today. We all have smartphones in our pockets, more powerful than the supercomputers of a generation ago. It’s high time IT understands how to support a distributed workforce with simple, mobile-centric technology that helps everyone from executives to the field workforce get their jobs done.

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