TacTac Video

22nd August 2016

The TacTac platform is a SaaS-based mobile workforce management tool that is simple and intuitive for the workforce as they complete their day-to-day tasks. Download the brochure and whitepaper.

Watch the introductory video :

Tactac diagram with words_finalWhat is TacTac?
TacTac is a user-friendly mobile workforce management tool that provides:
• Process diagrams transformed into operational checklists
• Multi-level feedback loops
• Real-time reporting and tracking

• Increase efficiencies to enhance operational excellence
• Improve adherence to company standards
• Optimize business process continuously

Introduce technology to help field teams do things right, creating the most consistent and efficient workforce. TacTac social technology delivers an enhanced user experience which engages the workforce to share knowledge and improves customer service and consistency.

Not only is TacTac easy and intuitive to use, it makes every task intuitive as well. By breaking each job down into detailed steps updated in real-time, TacTac reduces the time and money your business spends onboarding new workers and training them.

Transform business processes into simple checklists every worker can follow increasing business efficiency and adherence to companywide standards

You’ve worked hard to optimize your operations. But how do you translate complex process diagrams into instructions workers can actually use? Casewise TacTac transforms documented business processes into simple step-by-step checklists that show workers in every role what to do and how to do it. Flows are based on the most up to date information, accessible anywhere using smart technology so they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.

1_2How it works:

• Upload existing processes, add images and create simple checklists
• Remote workers access TacTac using smart technology and complete their tasks, recorded in real time with evidence, compliant with company standards and procedures

Increased workforce efficiencies and adherence to company standards.

Reward participation and real-time feedback leading to process optimization and ongoing improvement 

Tactac uses cutting-edge gamification elements to reward users for sharing new ideas and suggestions. Businesses can easily tie TacTac participation to performance reviews. Your business gets a stream of valuable input about whether your business processes are working and how to improve them, direct from your engaged workforce. Continuous feedback loops and multi-level reporting make it easy to make real-time improvements.

2_2How it works:

• Workers give feedback and suggest improvements while on the job
• Implement their improvements right away, offer personnel support and monitor progress
• Collaborate with multi-level stakeholders to review recommendations
• Update flows with improved processes and republish companywide in real-time

Continuous business process optimization focused on operational excellence, with feedback direct from the field, updated companywide in real time.

Capture real data from the field and automatically generate reports sent to multi-level users providing insight to cost and time saving opportunities.

TacTac prompts workers to capture images, audio and video as they complete each step. Managers see that tasks are completed correctly, and workers can focus on productivity instead of filling out forms.

5_2How it works:

• Real-time feedback from the field on what tasks have been completed
• Track progress and monitor results

• Inconsistencies and waste are easily identified

Multi-level users have real-time know how of what is happening in the field, with the opportunity to easily identify areas for improvement.

Using smart technology, workers can be connected in the field, ensuring consistency and access to the most up to date business processes 

Workers in the field access the authorized checklists via TacTac on their mobile phones, tablets or any connected device. If no connection is available, workers can input information offline and sync data when back online. TacTac gives management and their team’s direct access to field support materials and personnel.

4_2How it works:

• Access platform anywhere
• Check off tasks while in progress, providing back up as needed
• Sync all updates after completion if needed

Workers have constant access to their checklists, maintain consistency and efficiency no matter where they are. Syncing capabilities mean no data will be lost.