FAQ: How does Casewise TacTac help workers in the field?

10th November 2016

The Casewise FAQ blog series provides insights from our top consultants into key issues impacting the business process and enterprise architecture industries

Mobile technology and digital software now means any business can be measured. Field workers like hospitality teams, telecom repair workers, and other personnel can all keep records electronically, allowing managers to track efficiency. The old fashioned idea of a time and motion study can now happen in real time as workers keep track of their activities using mobile devices and purpose-built software. These digital footprints mean everything can be measured – workload, working speed, location, etc.

Casewise TacTac is a mobile workforce management tool that is simple and intuitive for the workforce as they complete their day-to-day tasks. It is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that can streamline many businesses. Workers in the field access authorized checklists via TacTac on their mobile phones, tablets or any other connected device. The application takes workers through each task or job step-by-step, recording their progress as they work.

The thinking behind TacTac is not only about efficiency. Workers are given a sense of gamification as they complete tasks. They see how they are contributing to ongoing operational excellence through collaboration and rewards. TacTac also simplifies the translation of complex process flows into instructions that workers can actually use. It automatically transforms documented business processes into step-by-step checklists. Every field worker can then access these checklists on mobile devices, stepping them through what to do and how to do it.

TacTac is designed to allow feedback – for example if a worker encounters a problem that they need to report. This feedback means checklists can be updated quickly to accommodate changing requirements.

Think of almost any repeated process that is carried out by a worker in almost any organisation and you will have an application for TacTac. Room service checklists, restaurant cleaners, warehouse stock controllers, nursery workers, school caretakers, supply chain workers… TacTac is an ideal way of turning general activities into measurable behavior with performance reports. TacTac is easy and intuitive to use for anyone, regardless of skills or level of education. Every task in every checklist is simple and straightforward.