FAQ: How long does a business transformation project typically take?

21st September 2016

The Casewise FAQ blog series provides insights from our top consultants into key issues impacting the business process and enterprise architecture industries

A business transformation project can take between three months and a year. The time depends on the size of the organisation and the scale of the project.

How do we get started?

The first step is for Casewise’s business process engineers to sit together with your key personnel for workshopping sessions. We call this the enablement session.

In this stage we are trying to find out what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it. We look at what kind of data you have and how you should capture it.

This is a very organic session that can take a couple of months. Rarely does it take longer than that.

What happens in the pilot phase?

In the pilot phase we choose a particular department of the organisation and do everything in that department. This can take from three months to a year – it depends on the scale and scope of a project.

One key determinant in the pilot phase is team stability.

People coming and going in the team can stretch a project to double the original time estimates. Team stability, team cohesion and team structure are important throughout the duration of the pilot project.

Importantly, throughout the pilot project, we don’t just deliver at the end. The benefit of using technology such as Casewise is the ability to deliver minuscule but critical milestones throughout the project. This way you don’t alienate key stakeholders and expect them to wait six months until you show them something.

What happens after the pilot phase?

Once the pilot project is finished, most of the time the organisation proceeds independently. You may retain some consultancy to expand or change something, but, because you have worked with Casewise and absorbed the know-how, you are likely to be capable of picking it up on your own.