Blog: Five steps to making a change in 2017

5th January 2017

For many people the start of a new year is the time for reflection, to look back on the previous year at what you have achieved and determine your goals for the next 12 months.

In business, the start of a new year is a great time for re-evaluating goals and planning big changes. Here are Casewise’s five steps to making a change in 2017.

Step one: Determine your end goal

In effect, any form of change must start at the end of the process, as it’s impossible to make a transformation without understanding why and knowing what you want to achieve. Before you make a change, be it big or small, you need to ask yourself why I am doing this? What are the positives and negatives and if there are negatives, what can I do to mitigate them? To ensure a successful business transformation it’s important to start out by plotting your journey through to your end goal, understanding how one change or a whole series of changes will alter your business to take you on the path to the aim you have determined. Our business process mapping tools, such as Casewise Modeler, is perfect for this.

Step two: Get some strategic support

For businesses of any size, transformation and change can be disruptive and impactful upon day to day business. In most organisations, the knowledge of how to manage sizeable transformation programmes doesn’t exist and at the outset it can appear quite a daunting task. If your business aims are to make changes to increase your profits it can seem a backward step to pay for support to drive your business forward. However, a slow or incorrect change process can have a hugely damaging effect upon a business, so investing in support can be one of the best decisions you make.

Our strategic consultants are experts in their field and know the right questions to ask to uncover the information you need. Our experienced staff support your efforts by identifying and cataloguing underlying components, providing input to the project plan, and building the right systems to capture important data needed to meet the business’s transformation goals.

Step three: Understand what you have got

Once you know where you want to get to, it’s important to understand what you currently do. That might seem clear, but even the smallest of organisations are made up of thousands of business processes which all make the company work. Before you decide to change something, you need to understand everything about what you currently do, or else a change could have a knock-on impact that you haven’t anticipated.

The way to do this is through enterprise architecture. Our team of experts can help your business to uncover strategic improvement opportunities – changes which on the surface you might not have seen. As a third-party spectator, we can provide an impartial view, rather than letting historic or legacy decisions cloud judgement in the future.

Step four: Get knowledge from within

Your employees are a wealth of ideas and knowledge so before you make any changes it’s important to make sure you have spoken to them and gained their insight. As part of the enterprise architecture process, Casewise will facilitate a series of workshops with staff to enable those ideas to be shared and then developed into real change.

Step five: Get buy-in across the business

You’ll have already engaged with your staff through the workshops to gain the knowledge they hold but make sure you don’t cut them off from there. Business change is only successful if everyone understands what is happening and why. Ensure that you take your employees through the change process and make them a part of the business transformation journey. Evidence suggests that 70 per cent of all organisational change efforts fail, with a primary reason being that executives don’t get enough buy-in, from enough people, for their initiatives and ideas. Take your employees through your business transformation journey and you’ll find them at the end with you when you arrive at your goal.

If you think that 2017 is the right time for your business to change, get in touch with us today.