FAQ: What is ServiceNow and what are the benefits?

2nd December 2016

How can you use ServiceNow with your Casewise solution?

An ever-increasing number of businesses across the globe are now using ServiceNow to manage their information technology assets. Growing in popularity by the day, ServiceNow is a solution which Casewise has extensive experience using. So much so, that as of September 2016, our Collector solution now integrates fully with ServiceNow using an out of the box REST ASI.

To find out more, we spoke to Casewise consultants Pierre Laurent and Jon Sweigart to gain a greater understanding of how you can link both the Casewise suite of solutions with your existing use of ServiceNow.

What is ServiceNow?

Pierre Laurent: “ServiceNow is a cloud based ITSM platform that provides information technology asset management and configuration management platform. It supports large organizational management, at a physical level, providing a big inventory and allowing your organization to know exactly what you have got. ServiceNow is great because it is cloud-based so accessible from anywhere by anyone in your company. It’s also got some discovery modules which means it will discover what IT you have – you don’t have to type it in.”

How can Casewise enhance my use of ServiceNow?

Pierre Laurent: “Casewise is all about managing the strategic vision of your assets. While ServiceNow would list for you everything that you have, Casewise is able to take this information and articulate and organize it to help you make decisions around it. As of September 2016, our IT solution, Collector, can now fully integrate with any data within ServiceNow using a simple out of the box API. If you are using ServiceNow or intend to use ServiceNow and you want your architecture driven by facts Casewise can provide the linkage tying the two systems very easily together.

What benefits come from working with both Casewise and ServiceNow?

Jon Sweigart: “At Casewise, we want to use the most accurate data we can to provide an asset that is of value. By linking into products such as ServiceNow and by pulling the data that is in there, we know that we are using an accurate picture and that the architectural story we are telling is factual and driven by a real inventory of assets. We’ve been doing that for quite a while with different Configuration Management Databases. It’s important to note that our systems are not trying to replicate what is already in ServiceNow. What we are doing is pulling the relevant data, that which is of value, into our repository to achieve the appropriate links and complete the architectural story that we are trying to tell to our customer. This ensures that we do not have duplicate information which both may not match precisely for some reason. In summary, if you’ve got an inventory of assets from ServiceNow you will want to know how that data is related to business use and that is what we can do.”  By doing this, we’re enabling your architecture to support critical initiatives such as ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ and ‘Operational Support’ analysis.

To discuss with us your needs, learn more about Collector and how Casewise can work alongside ServiceNow, please contact us via our Customer Servicedesk.