Casewise CTO: Releases to become more Agile

13th October 2016

Casewise CTO, Ian Hancock offers his thoughts on the latest Casewise development news

Ian HancockFor a while now at Casewise, we’ve had this dilemma: “Do we make big releases that come with a lot of change, a few times a year”, or “release smaller offerings more frequently”?

In our experience many larger organisations take time to upgrade, do a lot of testing and often hold back a few releases, so we have always aligned with this, releasing on a slow cycle. However, this means that great new features are being delayed, and customers are forced to wait on our release cycle. So, we decided to try a new approach.

I’m happy to announce that Casewise will now release new versions every two to three weeks. 

“But wait!” I hear you say, “Won’t this will make it hard for larger organisations to pick the right version?”

Well, we’ve got that covered too. We will have two tracks, a Fast and a Slow Track. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Fast Track: Regular releasing, e.g. 2016.0.1, 2016.0.2… every 2 to 3 weeks
  • Slow Track: 2 to 3 yearly releases, e.g. 2016.1, 2016.2…

The Slow Track will roll up all the features and fixes from the Fast track, up to the latest release, and make a convenient point to upgrade, less frequently.

You can switch from one track to the other easily, as the product is always moving forwards.

You may wonder what this means for CWSuite and Evolve compatibility, Evolve 3, Evolve 4 etc. Evolve, is probably our fastest moving product at the moment, so naturally it will be co-released with CWSuite, and to make things even simpler, we will align the version numbers. So Evolve 4.0 becomes Evolve 2016.0, meaning the two product lines will have simultaneous version increments.

This does not mean clients have to upgrade CWSuite overtime they upgrade Evolve. The Fast track releases of Evolve will be compatible with any version of CWSuite since the previous Slow Track release. CWSuite 2016.0 will support Evolve 2016.0.1, Evolve 2016.0.2 etc. Meaning you can take new Evolve releases, and keep CWSuite the same. Then, when we go to the next release on the Slow track, e.g. Evolve 2016.1, you will upgrade CWSuite. Exactly as before.

So, for those who don’t want change, and are happy with the current release pattern, go with the Slow Track.

For those who need that next great feature, as soon as it is available, I’m excited to say, you can now choose the Fast Track.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this approach. Please shoot me a note at to let me know your thoughts.