Blog: Why join us for our webinars?

30th November 2016

Did you know that we run regular webinars here at Casewise? If you haven’t ever attended a webinar before, it’s essentially a presentation similar to a seminar, which utilises video conferencing technology in order to host it over the internet.

Anyone can log onto our webinars and we host them in both GMT and PST time zones to make them most convenient for you and your working day.

At Casewise, we use webinars as an opportunity to show both existing customers and those who might be thinking of working with us in the future what we do and demonstrate our products.

We have three webinars currently open for registration (full details are below). Two of these (hosted separately for a UK and US audience) will be looking at ‘The Secret to Driving Transformation’. Casewise senior consultant Pouya Mohtacham will be hosting this webinar and talking the audience through the use of our business process solutions and how they can improve your business.

Pouya said: “[This webinar will show] how, with collaboration, we can work on the continuous improvements approach [and] continuously improve your work. We will explain how working with us will help you do this.”

All our webinars are 45 minutes long, which allows for a short, simple demonstration of our products. They are explained in a non-technical way and the audience who log onto the webinar will hear from the presenters, who are typically Casewise colleagues with many years’ experience. Throughout the webinar you will see a short PowerPoint presentation or a demonstration of the product being discussed.

Our webinars provide two main benefits to our customers. Firstly, the audience can watch it and learn more about the products, seeing a hands-on demonstration of how the solutions work and how to utilise many of the different unique functions. Once the webinar is concluded, we load it onto our website. The webinar then remains available for review in the coming months. This means that if you use the products and some of your end-users need to have an explanation as to what the product can do, the webinar can be used as a training tool.

Pouya said: “Involving the end users is really important. Most of the time, in our work, we talk to the senior people who are really interested in the approach and working with the tools but they have a lot of difficulty in bringing their end users inside the approach. So the idea here is to demonstrate how we will involve these people.”

We hosted a webinar in July on ‘Avoiding the Black Box: The journey through enterprise transformation’ which you can view to give you more of an idea about what our webinars are like.