A Note from the CEO

26th September 2016

Casewise CEO, Alexandre Wentzo announces the launch of CasewiseCloud

alexandre-wentzoWhen Casewise began 27 years ago, the idea of what today we call ‘the cloud’ existed but the practice of using remote, networked environments to manage storage of digital content was not yet possible. Today, it’s not a question of if organizations will move to the cloud, but when.

As Casewise continues to invest in R&D, from new UX enhancements to innovative new applications, we are working hard to deliver the next generation of technology for our clients. To do this, we’ve taken a careful look at which solutions provide greatest flexibility and benefit to our clients – from increasing time to value, to improving on boarding and maintenance support. With cloud solutions expanding in number and sophistication, we have determined the time is right to step into the cloud which is why today, I’m proud to announce the launch of CasewiseCloud.

For Casewise clients, there are numerous benefits to migrating to the cloud. The first is that by moving to the cloud, it saves clients the need to manage and buy expensive and time consuming infrastructure. A second key benefit is that the Casewise environment will already be configured for you. Of course, we’ll work closely with you to ensure it is customized to your specifications, but with the cloud, you can focus on your primary responsibilities instead of managing sometimes onerous installation processes. Shifting to the cloud means your environment will be waiting for you from day one and you will always be on the latest software. CasewiseCloud also allows you to stop maintaining a development environment and simply request one for a limited time when testing new upgrades.

We are proud to announce Casewise has chosen Microsoft Azure as our partner for our move into the cloud. Microsoft Azure is recognized globally as a pioneer in the cloud space. They have global coverage, provide the highest levels of security and monitoring, and offer Enterprise ready environments that we can customize to your requirements. The CasewiseCloud computing platform is open and flexible and will enable your business to move faster, do more and save money. Of course, our commitment to provide you with the best service available will continue. Security is a key concern for many of our clients, which is why we have partnered with Microsoft, one of the world’s leading technology companies who provide a trusted and secure cloud service that integrates with the broadest operating systems.

For most customers, moving to a cloud-based environment is the most cost efficient and flexible offering. However, we’ll work closely with each of our clients to determine what is right for your organization.

We look forward to exploring what this exciting news means for you and your business and develop a plan to migrate to CasewiseCloud.

To request more information on CasewiseCloud, please contact upgrade@casewise.com

Kind regards,

Alexandre Wentzo,